Conscious Relationships Coaching Programs with Galina Singer

Create fulfilling, deep and lasting relationships without losing yourself

Go from begging for love to generating love in 12 weeks.

"Focusing on myself once again."
"I have finally put down the baggage of my childhood and begun to really heal those old wounds for good!"
"I am in charge of my life and not a victim of my past."

Are you...

When did modern relationships go from being loving and supporting to inducing fear and stress?


One day you may be a happily married mother with a thriving career and the next day you have a nervous breakdown, shuddering your hard-earned career and/or marriage to a halt, while you succumb to depression, anxiety, and insomnia, fuelled by medication, alcohol, or both.


After many years of overriding our own feelings for the benefit of our family members, putting ourselves last out of a deeply ingrained need for secure co-dependency, we end up losing our individuality and capacity to think for ourselves.


Such paralysis is anchored in our outmoded belief that there is a greater authority who knows better than we do what is best for us.


This thinking is damaging on many levels as we become unable to make empowering decisions to improve our own lives, but also because of the apathy, it creates to participate in decisions that affect society as a whole.


It is time to break loose of all the shackles and restraints which were placed upon us for many generations.

The truth is…

You can have fulfilling, loving and lasting relationships and be free from co-dependency, frustrations and melodramas.


You are the main character in your life story.

Everyone else—partners, children, bosses, siblings, and friends—is the supporting cast. 


I will show you how to start making decisions according to a new and improved vision of your reality.


You will discover that when you love and take care of yourself, your inner light will start to shine brightly, all the people in your life story bask in it.

The actual purpose of relationships is to learn about who we are.

It is not to make us happy.
It is to stimulate growth, evolution, change, to inspire each other to become the best versions of who we are.

Love is fully self-sourced.

Uncover how to cultivate it from within to have fulfilling relationships without losing yourself.

Galina helped me get to the root of issues I wasn't even aware I'd been dragging around since childhood. After working with her, I've since put down that baggage and begun to really heal those old wounds for good!

Meet Galina Singer

Writer. Disruptive Thinker. Speaker. Coach.

Through her own process of awakening and working with clients, Galina discovered that our single most important relationship is our relationship with ourselves. The way we relate to ourselves is how we relate to other people and everything else in our lives. It is our perception of our own disempowerment that holds us stuck in relationships and situations that no longer serve us, where we think that changing others is the only way we can improve our lives.


Galina found that it is when we take the power into our own hands we can affect change in our lives. It is when we start changing from within, we create an incredibly powerful impulse and an invitation for everyone else to change.


People who work with Galina experience a paradigm shift, transforming their relationships with themselves, with life and everything and everyone in it.


Galina’s goal is to empower people with concrete tools that render them self-sufficient, able to source love from within, and gain access to the inner wisdom as a reliable guide, while connected with the present moment, where they can make empowering decisions and connections.

As a woman in the Old Paradigm, I was raised to believe that my worth is based on what I have achieved and how well everyone else in my care was doing.


I had to break out of my conditioning to understand that I have value outside of labels and achievements: not by doing, but by being.

As we become self-responsible adults, free in our authentic
self-expression, we also become a magnet for everything
we need and want in life.

And that's why we need to liberate ourselves from our automatic responses and limiting beliefs about what is possible.

My work is founded on connecting mind, body and spirit.

Most of us live out of mind only, at the whim of our unconscious drives and urges, as well as cellular memory which creates emotional reactions, which are stored in our bodies.


A spiritual element becomes important as I guide you to become a witness of your own processes to gain a bird’s eye view on your life, in order to make peace with the past, connect to the present, and eventually co-create the future you dream of.


As these elements are set in place, you will be able to access the wisdom stored within each of us, as well as your vibrancy, the dynamic life force that is at the root of our creativity and our reason for being here.

Your relationships begin with you

I will help you form relationships that bring you joy without losing your sense of self

Acting as a mirror to your process until you become your own witness, and holding you in safety as you begin untangling all the many threads of your conditioned responses.

I work with my clients in 3-month (6 sessions) or 6-month (12 sessions) containers via one-on-one video sessions.

Build a Foundation
for a Healthy Relationship
with Yourself

3-Month 1-1 Coaching Program
via one-on-one video sessions

3-month container sets a foundation for self-sufficiency, emotional maturity and nervous system regulation, sourcing love from within, sovereignty in relationships through mindset work, somatic exercising, spiritual guidance.

Master Your Relationships

6-Month 1-1 Coaching Program
via one-on-one video sessions

6-month container facilitates transforming your relationship with yourself and, as a consequence, all the other relationships and aspects of your life.


It goes deeper into the foundational mindset, somatic and spiritual exercises of the 3-month container, and then delves into manifestation principles, as you get access to your dynamic life force and become a magnet, attracting and repelling perfectly people and events, rebuilding your relationship with life.

You are much stronger and more powerful, capable, and resilient than you give yourselves credit for. Stop hiding behind perfectionism or someone else’s back and take full responsibility for your own life to create a new world.

Clients' Transformations

People who work with Galina experience a paradigm shift, transforming their relationships with themselves, with life and everything and everyone in it

I have discovered my light. My power.

I felt transformed after only two sessions with Galina, and my relationship was the first to benefit from this shift.
As my coach, Galina has nurtured and entrusted me like no other human. It is within her safety that I am discovering my light. My power.

I feel so much more present and dense

Thank you for the sessions we have had together, for your compassion in communicating with me, encouraging me to feel compassion at last for my self and by default for others whom I had held to account for my choices or even refusal to make a choice! I really appreciate your encouragement each week, directing my attention back to me and for encouraging meditation which again brings my thoughts back towards myself. I feel so much more present and dense. I think you create a very safe space. I felt totally accepted for who I was and what I needed to speak about. You have a wonderful open way of allowing one to express oneself.
Toni Schuster

I was reminded of my own power

I was drawn to Galina's writing and content, and then began working with her. Galina is a strong person and this was helpful not only because she can hold space for you to be vulnerable, but also because her strength is like an echo that reminds you of your own power. She was like a friend helping me to remember myself- if you're lost in a forest in the dark, she is the one holding the flashlight and showing you where to dig to find the treasure you're looking for. For me, this was instrumental in getting myself on a new path out of the forest.
Working with Galina feels so natural! I can be a fairly reserved person, but Galina is easy to talk to and nonjudgmental. Perceptive, intuitive, and a learner herself, she listens openly and responds in a way that both assures she understood and encourages growth, alignment, and autonomy. Although halfway around the world, time with Galina feels like having a long conversation with a friend who cares.
Every time I talk with Galina I feel a profound sense of clarity, belonging, and freedom. She really sees people and situations for what they are and helps you sort through the layers of conditioning and self-talk we all carry around.
Khara-Jade Warren
I was pulled to work with Galina two years ago as I was journeying a deeper understanding of myself and how I contributed to the toxic relationships and patterns that were appearing in my life. Immediately upon working with Galina a veil lifted to the understanding of my own unconscious patterns that I was repeating in my life. Through working with Galina I became able to take radical responsibility for myself and most importantly to myself. This manifested in my ability to create dynamic connections and relationships with my partner and children. My journey has not ended as Galina sparked the “knowingness” within me to get to know myself deeper and more intimately. I have since journeyed a variety of cutting edge transformative experiences and not only have thriving relationships with my loved ones, but am creating a business true to my hearts desire and purpose. If you are being pulled towards working with Galina do not ask yourself why, follow the pull, you will be rewarded with uncovering your true essence.
Elizabeth Willis, Ph.D.

Empowered. Fulfilled. Thriving.

Your relationship with yourself is the most important and most lasting relationship you will ever have.


How long are the sessions?


Each session is 75-90 minutes long.


How often are the sessions?


The first few sessions will be a week apart, after which we’ll meet every two weeks for the majority of our work together.


The last few sessions will be 3-4 weeks apart, as we release the container to give you time to integrate the material and establish your own regular practice into your daily life. You will be receiving a fresh zoom link prior to each session.


Can I contact you between the sessions?


I am available via email in between sessions, as needed, to ensure safety and provide uninterrupted support of the container.

If we want healthy relationships and to be valued within them, we must remember who we are: sovereign, free, separate, worthy, whole.
When we value ourselves and our own lives, it sets the tone for everyone else.