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Safe to be me

A 6-month online group PROGRAM for women who want to feel safe, in love, and free within or without relationships.

From begging for love to overflowing with love. Show up to your relationships like a grownup: already worthy, already complete, already fully nourished.

* Safe to Be Me is a small and private group and I'm very hands-on, that is why I insist on personally meeting anyone who's interested in joining.

Your relationship with yourself sets the tone for all the other relationships in your life.

SAFE TO BE ME: A 3-MONTH JOURNEY TO CULTIVATING REAL RELATIONSHIPS Enter relationships as a sovereign being, guided by a strong sense of inner worth, boundaries and clarity about who you are and what you want.

Safe to Be Me

Means you no longer have to:

You deserve to feel safe in your relationships

Right now you may feel trapped in your relationship or in your life, dispirited, lost, unclear of who you are. You’ve lost your spark, you feel disconnected from something essential and do not know where to start. You remember the alive, vibrant and inspired younger version of yourself, but no longer see how to get her back. You used to believe that there was some ‘One’ out there, who could make you feel better and fulfill your needs, but each new relationship only brings you more suffering. You are starting to feel like you are repeating the same patterns with different people. You know there is more to life and you no longer want to feel like it’s passing you by.

I've been there.

In my 40’s, after decades of being married, with children, I found myself helpless, disempowered, and feeling stuck in my life. 

I gave all of myself to my relationships, focusing all of my energy on fulfilling the needs of the people I loved. I expected to feel nourished by taking care of others, but the truth is I just lost myself. I felt unseen, unheard, taken for granted.

I did not know then that I spent most of my life in a fawn state of a stress cycle: focused on pleasing people on whom I depended for survival. Making sure they will not want to hurt me (or reject me, or abandon me), I was ready to do anything to ensure they were satisfied.

We have the power to change the story!

Today I know that feeling stuck and disempowered was not the truth of my situation, but a skewed and limited perception of my reality through the eyes of my inner child.


Frozen in our emotional development due to attachment wounds, we unconsciously show up to our relationships from the perspective and needs of younger, primitive parts of who we are. Our attachment needs continue to supersede our need for authentic self-expression, which also prevents true intimacy and connection in our adult relating.

It’s time to grow up & disrupt the stories that define you.


Safe to be me


Unlearn all you believe about yourself, love and relationships. Complete your emotional development, interrupted in childhood, so you can heal your attachment wounds. Become self-aware adult, who knows that safety, love, trust are sourced within. Learn to form deep and intimate connections through unfiltered self-expression.

* Safe to Be Me is a small and private group and I'm very hands-on, that is why I insist on personally meeting anyone who's interested in joining.

Hi, I'm Galina Singer

I believe that as we become self-responsible adults, free and safe in our authentic self-expression, we become a magnet for everything we need and want in life. To uncover and reconnect to that inner power, we need to liberate ourselves from our automatic responses, inherited survival mechanisms and ancestral trauma, karmic patterns, and limiting beliefs about what is possible.

Galina Singer - Writer, Speaker & Coach

Through my own process of awakening, releasing layers of conditioning and learning my body’s language, I understood that a lot of my suffering had to do with unrealistic expectations about love and relationships as well as my emotional immaturity.


To find love, I had to unlearn all I knew about it. This allowed me to discover that my love dwells within me and is available to me at all times.


This precious finding has enabled me to come back to a life of passion, vibrancy, and meaning. After over 30 years of marriage, I have upgraded my relationship with my husband. I have become a better mother, a better friend, and now have the privilege of guiding others to reconnect to their own love supply and become fully self-sourced in love and in life. 


I now navigate life as a grown-up, no longer waiting to be saved or feeling like anyone owes me something. Deserving of my needs and wants, I attend to them without guilt, extending the same courtesy to others.


My mission? I wish to share my experience and hard-earned wisdom with people who are ready to get what they need from their relationships and from life, by feeling free to be themselves without abandoning their commitments or compromising their authentic self-expression.

“It was all I hoped for AND MORE! The level of support that you offer is greater than I've ever experienced. You went way above and beyond by responding to every single inquiry in great detail! I can't tell you how much that meant to me. It made me feel valued and loved, even when I saw you do it for the other members. The amount of heart and soul that you poured into your class was felt and appreciated!”
~ Past Participant

What is "safe to be me"?

This 6-month online group deep dive is designed to guide people from trauma-response: overachieving, pleasing and shape-shifting for love, into fully self-sourced, self-responsible, confident and emotionally mature adults, fit to co-create intimate and fulfilling relationships, and safe to be themselves within or without romantic relationships.

It is a transformative journey for people who:

* Safe to Be Me is a small and private group and I'm very hands-on, that is why I insist on personally meeting anyone who's interested in joining.

“Galina is an amazing coach. Her program really has you look at your past, present and the future you are creating. She has a lovely relaxed style and brings so many great examples, coaching moments and a well thought out program that works. Galina, thanks for helping me along my journey!”
~ Past Participant

This program is NOT for you if:

You are in the right place if:

"This course exceeded my expectations in regards to the level of care, attention, and investment I felt from Galina for each one of us. The in-depth feedback on our Facebook group and during Q&As was wonderful. Galina's intuition and her ability to help usher me into my own safety and healing in such a loving way has been an amazing gift. This course has been an incredible catalyst for me in being willing to be seen and heard, and in being more authentic in my interactions with others."
~ Past Participant

how will this program impact your life

Completing this program will give you lifetime tools to reconnect your mind, body and spirit so that you can integrate the fractured parts of who you are, healing your most important relationship – the one with yourself.

You will be entering all relationships – romantic as well as family and professional – as a sovereign being, guided by a strong sense of inner worth, boundaries and clarity about what you want.

Learning how to self-source love, you will understand the source of aliveness, creativity and inspiration.

Ready to do things differently, you’ll be ready to build deep human connection from the inside out.

The "Safe to be me"




Week 2: INITIATION - Mapping the journey from fate to destiny

Week 3: Questions & Answers

Week 4: STORY WEAVING - Meet your heroes and villains

Week 5: Questions & Answers

Week 6: DEEP DIVING - Secrets, Skeletons, and Lies: Cleaning House

Week 7: Questions & Answers

Week 8: *Free week for integration*

Week 9: Integration Session

connecting to the present

Week 10: BECOME A WITNESS - Learning to fly: developing bird's eye view

Week 11: Questions & Answers

Week 12: KNOW YOUR KARMA - Finding love: from addictions to self-sourcing

Week 13: Questions & Answers

Week 14: SENSATIONALISM - Long way home: finally soma

Week 15: Questions & Answers

Week 16: *Free week for integration*

Week 17: Integration Session

Co-creating the future

Week 18: REMEMBERING THE FUTURE - Learning to notice and follow the breadcrumbs

Week 19: Questions & Answers

Week 20: DIAMOND MINING - The treasure is within: developing your voice

Week 21: Questions & Answers

Week 22: SAFE TO BE ME - Attachment, authenticity, freedom

Week 23: Questions & Answers

Week 24: *Free week for integration*

Week 25: Integration Session


As part of the program, you will have access to the following:

“Wanted to look at myself and how I can evolve to get more of what I want out of life. I really got to try on different ways of thinking and understand how judgment tends to get in my way. I appreciate the great coaching and pulling together my full story of struggling when I was young to be who I am today. It really helped me understand who I am today.”
~ Past Participant

so, if you are ready to:


Investment: $3,000*

*Early Bird pricing, Scholarships and Payment plan available

"I have to say again that the money I spent on your Safe to Be Me program was the best money I ever spent. I didn't realize this during or even right after the program, but now it's just rolling into so many, so many returns. So much energy I drew from the experience. It's an investment indeed! Which means that it's not spending, but investment for making more in the future! You changed my life!
~ Past Participant

"It is only once you find your true Self, that you can co-create life in accordance with your own values, intention, and dreams."
~ Galina Singer

"Definitely money well spent! I hesitated about the investment before joining, but I've also learned a lot about money in the program and this removed so many mental blocks for me. Not just money, but everything else in life - I've learned that it all starts and ends with me, everything I thought that was from the outside is actually my internalized reflection. Now I know that I always have the power and a choice. Thank you Galina for all the liberating inspirations!"
~ Jin

Sovereign. Empowered. Safe.

Reconnect to who you are underneath all the conditioning, coping mechanisms, and other people’s opinions on what makes a good life

Your relationship with yourself is the most important and most lasting relationship you will ever have.

If you want healthy relationships and to be valued within them, remember who you are: sovereign, free, lovable, worthy, whole.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is the delivery of the course more lecture or experiential? Is it interactive?

A: Each pre-recorded masterclass will be followed by Zoom meetings where I'll dive deeper into each theme, share stories as examples, include guided meditation, breathwork, or somatic exercise, and leave space for your questions and the opportunity for live coaching. 

Q: Can you tell us more of what would be covered?

A: The program is divided into three chapters: Making Peace with the Past; Connecting to the Present; Co-creating the Future. We cannot move forward, until we have made peace with the past. This is where most of our wounding took place and shaped our sense of self. Connecting to the present moment is an essential part of life, since most of us spend so much time ruminating on the past or fearing the future, that we actually miss out on our life, which happens in the present moment. Co-creating the future is about learning to dance with life, having a vision, being clear on values, but staying flexible enough to allow unexpected adventure and opportunities in. For details of each theme please see the Schedule above.

Q: I already meditate daily and have done years of therapy. How will this course help someone who’s done lots of work?

A: From my experience, therapy alone is just not enough. I have many clients who come to me after years of therapy (I have therapists as clients, too) and say that I help them get to the root of their issues. And the reason is that the root of the issues is not in the mind, it is in the body. The modality I offer is a holistic approach that combines mind (mindset work, limiting beliefs, cultural conditioning), body (somatic exercises, trauma healing, nervous system regulation) and spirit (bird's eye view on your life's journey, soul contracts, karmic patterns recognition and release). In my experience, even the daily practice of meditation is not enough if you do not know how to apply its benefits in your daily life.

Q: Does it really help? You said recently that you still get triggered in your relationship.

A: As I always say, we'll never get to a mountaintop where we can avoid life and live happily-ever-after. Life will continue being life. There will be difficult conversations and triggers. You will feel pain again. What I can promise is that I will give you a life-time worth of skills to understand your reactions, regulate your own nervous system, and to not be afraid of your own triggers and feelings as they will inevitably arise. You will also develop an extremely vital skill of being in a co-creative dance with life, where you will learn to recognize the green light and know when not to bang on a closed door; see any crisis as a re-direction, and be able to notice gifts even in events that do not feel good. 

Q: How long will we have access to the recordings after it ends?

A: Always! Your access is valid for life.

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