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Safe to be me

a 3-month Journey to cultivating
Real Relationships

Enter relationships as a sovereign being, guided by a strong sense of inner worth, boundaries and clarity about who you are and what you want.

“Until you make the unconscious conscious it will rule your life and you will call it fate.”
~ Carl Jung

SAFE TO BE ME: A 3-MONTH JOURNEY TO CULTIVATING REAL RELATIONSHIPS Enter relationships as a sovereign being, guided by a strong sense of inner worth, boundaries and clarity about who you are and what you want.

Tell me, my dear...

I've been there...

I know how it feels, because I’ve lived this story!

I gave all of myself to my relationships, sacrificing, taking care of everyone, doing all that I was supposed to, to get love, and I just felt unseen, unheard, taken for granted.


Life felt like a punishment.

Living from the mind, I had specific expectations of what life should look like, holding on to scripts, identities and prescribed behavioral codes. I projected, calculated, manipulated, judged my partner, not seeing him for the person just like me.

You deserve to feel safe in your relationships

Right now you may feel trapped in your relationship and in your life, dispirited, lost, unclear of who you are. You’ve lost your spark, you feel disconnected from something essential and do not know where to start. You remember the alive, vibrant and inspired younger version of yourself, but no longer see how to get her back. You believe that there’s some ‘One’ out there, who can make you feel better and fulfill your needs if you only choose better this time, but each new relationship only brings you more suffering. You know there is more to life and you no longer want to feel like it’s passing you by.

it's time to change this story...



Safe to be me

A Journey to cultivating
Real Relationships

Learn how to let go of all the stories you've been told about yourself, love and relationships. Become emotionally mature, self-aware adult so you can form deep and intimate connections through unfiltered self-expression.

Hi, I'm Galina Singer

I believe that as we become self-responsible adults, free in our authentic self-expression, we also become a magnet for everything we need and want in life and for that, we need to liberate ourselves from our automatic responses and limiting beliefs about what is possible.

Galina Singer - Writer, Speaker & Coach

It took me some time to come to the conclusion that I am not perfect and to stop putting so much pressure on myself.


Before that I believed you were either perfect or a failure, there were no other options. It took a few years of self-healing to accept the fact that although I am not perfect, I am not a failure either. I’m just a regular person. A good enough one. Lovable and worthy just the way I am.


Through my own process of awakening, and working with hundreds of clients, I understood that our single most important relationship, the one that dictates every choice and outcome in our lives, is our relationship with ourselves.


My mission is to share some of my hard-earned wisdom with people who are ready to take the responsibility for their wellbeing into their own hands, so they can be free in their relationships without abandoning their commitments or compromising their authentic self-expression.

"Galina helped me to evaluate and gain perspective of my thoughts. With her guidance I realized I was in charge of my life and not a victim of my past."
~ Maggie

What is "safe to be me"?

This 3-month online deep dive is designed to guide people from trauma-response: overachieving, pleasing and shape-shifting for love, into fully self-sourced, self-responsible, confident and emotionally mature adults, co-creating deep and fulfilling relationships, free from the shadow of their childhood traumas and inherited dysfunctional patterns. 

It is a transformative journey for people who:

"We cannot form authentic relationships with others until we accept the whole truth of who we are."
~Galina Singer

This program is NOT for you if:

You are in the right place if:

"Through working with Galina I became able to take radical responsibility for myself and most importantly to myself. This manifested in my ability to create dynamic connections and relationships with my partner and children."
Elizabeth Willis

how will this program impact your life

Completing this program will give you lifetime tools to reconnect your mind, body and spirit so that you can integrate the fractured parts of who you are, healing your most important relationship – the one with yourself.

You will be entering all relationships – romantic as well as family and professional – as a sovereign being, guided by a strong sense of inner worth, boundaries and clarity about what you want.

Learning how to self-source love, you will understand the source of aliveness, creativity and inspiration.

This is for people who are ready to do things differently in order to build deep human connection from the inside out.

The "Safe to be me"



week 1: Initiation

WEEK 2: Story Weaving

Week 3: Deep Diving

WEEK 4: Q&A and 1:1 Sessions

MONTH 2 – connecting to the present

week 1: Become a Witness

week 2: know your karma

week 3: Sensationalism

WEEK 4: Q&A and 1:1 Sessions

MONTH 3 - Co-creating your future

week 1: Remembering the future

week 2: Diamond Mining

week 3: safe to be me

WEEK 4: Q&A and 1:1 Sessions

"Galina helped me get to the root of issues I wasn't even aware I'd been dragging around since childhood. After working with her, I've since put down that baggage and transformed my life!"
Michelle C

so, if you are ready to:

then it's time to book a spot in your calendar
and start feeling safe to be you!

Join this deep dive to transmute your sense of “too much” into raw power, retire striving to be perfect in order to be worthy, learn to love the less than ideal traits that make you unique, know and share your gifts, and feel safe to be all of who you are no matter where or with whom.

Investment: $1,111

"It is only once you find your true Self, that you can co-create life in accordance with your own values, intention, and dreams."
~ Galina Singer

"As my coach, Galina has nurtured and entrusted me like no other human. It is within her safety that I am discovering my light. My power."

Sovereign. Empowered. Safe.

Reconnect to who you are underneath all the conditioning, coping mechanisms, and other people’s opinions on what makes a good life


how long are the sessions?

What if I cannot attend the classes?

can I pay in instalments?

What else is included in this program?

Your relationship with yourself is the most important and most lasting relationship you will ever have.

If we want healthy relationships and to be valued within them, we must remember who we are: sovereign, free, separate, worthy, whole.

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Columnist for Elephant Journal
Certificate in Somatic Healing and Sexology