Learning to self-express from the inside out

Self-Expression June 1 2021, Galina Singer

To start expressing from the inside out has not been easy for me.

Since childhood we’ve created coping mechanisms to self-censor in order to adapt to the environment, adjusting ourselves to others, people-pleasing, controlling their reactions to us.

Unfortunately, we continue this behavior into our adulthood. But it no longer serves us, because it prevents us from being ourselves and letting people in relationships with us see our true nature.

And yet when we try to show our vulnerable parts, our nervous system gets activated (post-traumatic adaptations) because in the past it was unsafe to be who we are – we may have been punished or criticized.

So it’s a continuous inner dialogue between fear and our nervous system’s stress cycle and the inspiration and the drive to self-express and the need to be seen and understood.

Our world is changing and we are invited to step into our power. To unlearn the way we’ve been doing life, hiding, and self-censoring, and to learn to express who we are from the inside out.

Our inner gifts are needed now more than ever. We need to learn how to excavate them and bring them to light.

Watch more in my video HERE.