“If you bring forth what is within you,
What you bring forth will save you.
If you do not bring forth what is within you,
What you do not bring forth will destroy you.”
~ The Gospel of Thomas

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  • When we are triggered in relationships we tend to blame the other person for the strong emotions we are feeling.

    When we are triggered in relationships we tend to blame the other person for the strong emotions we are feeling. Yes, we are reacting to something that was said or done and it feels like the other person was the cause of this. What is actually being activated in our body is the adaptation to […]

  • The process of unlearning to be the good girl is the process of reconnecting to our power center

    Conditioned from childhood to repress parts of ourselves for nourishment. Food, care, attention – we find it quite normal to continue repressing our true nature for “nourishment” as grownups. When we are disconnected from our power center, intuitive knowing and self-esteem, we are not aware that we can respond to our own needs. Whether in […]

  • The dangers of hierarchy with which most of us grew up.

    When we teach our children that someone else is more important, stands above them hierarchically, or that other people’s needs, desires, or wishes take precedence over their own, we set them up for a lifetime of helplessness, unworthiness, and inadequacy. Children who are raised to give their power away to some displaced authority figure learn […]

  • Behind every smiley family picture there are untold stories of trauma, secrets and pain.

    Family life is not a perpetual state of bliss. But it is difficult to normalize the complexity. I still feel “wrong” when it’s not perfect sometimes. Like I did not do enough. Although I also know that I couldn’t possibly do any more.

  • My choices have brought me where I am today

    On August 19, 1990 I got married. I met the man who’ll become my husband in August 1988. I had just turned 22 that August. Just like my eldest daughter is now : 22. Just like my daughter now I had just finished University and moved from Boston to NYC. Just like my eldest daughter […]

  • Everything I do, I do for me

    Somewhere down the line of family life we lose the “we” and become me vs you. We become two warring camps, vigilantly keeping track of who does what, always feeling like we are doing too much, and they not enough. Through the endless duties and overwhelm of family life, we lose track of why we decided to do this in the first place. Losing the sense that we are a team is the source of so much of our resentment, frustration and sadness. Awakening toward self-responsibility has helped me remember why I do what I do.

  • Come back to your senses

    Through each of our transformations, we create undeniable energetic shifts that ripple out into the world.

  • Learning to love is the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do

    After more than 30 years of life together—I am learning to love my husband.
    I want to learn to love in such a way that the evolution in the structure of our relationship or any changes that each of us may still undergo will not kill the love.
    Committed to filling my own needs, I no longer look for relationships to complete me.
    I am learning to love people beyond what I can get from them, beyond my needs for safety, stability, or fear of the unknown.

  • Returning to wholeness in order to form healthy relationships

    Coming from co-dependence we look to be completed in our relationships. I observe a lot of our pain and suffering comes from that sense of entitlement and expectation we have that people have to be or behave a certain way for us to feel good. The fact is – no one can complete us. It is our journey – to return to wholeness, which is our birthright.

  • "Just read your article, Love from Another is Unsustainable, in Elephant Journal. Wish this was taught in high school, it’s what I’ve tried telling people for years. But you said it so very clearly. Thanks for your work."

    - Mel S

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  • "Galina’s words have resonated with me since the first time I found her writings. I feel that she is a beautiful soul that has a lot of wisdom and insight to share."

    - Dawn L

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  • "First as a reader only and after as a client, I felt Galina is real and raw about her struggles, her healing and her growth. By allowing us to see her brave practices of authenticity, vulnerability and self-responsibility, she reveals her strength and inspires us to stay true to ourselves, while paving our own path to inner fulfillment"

    - Eroica van Langen

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    This is a 9-month container, designed for a group of people committed to becoming emotionally mature, self-aware, self-responsible sovereign adults ready to co-create conscious relationships.

  • "Galina is an extremely articulate speaker who courageously brings a wealth of personal life experience to the stage. Speaking from her own lived experience she creates rapport and engagement with the audience while providing valuable life lessons in carving our own path."

    - Miroslav Petrovic, Embodied Speaking Training

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  • "Interviewing Galina is an exploration of themes that we struggle to put words to. Her compassionate approach to life and relationships is expressed succinctly through a deep expertise, born of personal and professional experience. It has been my pleasure to connect my community with Galina’s wise words."

    - Monika Carless, Author, Intuitive Coach, Spiritual Midwife

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  • "Galina is like the fairy godmother of coaches, honestly. I asked her to speak as a guest inside of one of my women's programs on 'Healing the Mother Wound', and truthfully, that conversation shifted to mine and many of the women's lives in my program. She holds profound wisdom, and her compassion and love for who she sits with is unfathomable. She speaks with poise and really draws in her listeners with the blinding light that emanates from the truth bombs she shares. Her wisdom is embodied, coming from her own experiences, above all else, which makes her an absolute diamond in the rough. I highly recommend booking a session with her on a personal level, and most definitely having her speak on your stage."

    - LeLii , Conscious Coach, Entrepreneur, Visionary

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