I Had Trouble Falling Asleep Last Night

Being an Entrepreneur June 6 2023, Galina Singer

I had trouble falling asleep last night, as the endorphins were flowing through my body.

My Masterclass took place yesterday.

Nearly 200 people signed up, which was the first for me.

There was also the most people I ever had Live on zoom with me and my nervous system was feeling it. I felt nervous as I anticipated it and exhilarated for hours afterward.

That’s what expansion and growth feel like!

It’s not necessarily comfortable.
It’s not peaceful.
In fact, expansion jolts our nervous system out of its familiar comfort level.
It creates stress.
Yes, expansion creates the state we all try to avoid!

And that is why we often create situations we call self-sabotage when we try to create change in our lives, even if we know it’s for the better.

Our nervous system operates from a range. Our comfort level is determined by our tolerance window. Anything outside of the familiar causes our system distress. Most of us wounded humans have a pretty narrow tolerance window.

When we fear discomfort, we’ll shy away from opportunities, from making bold moves toward what calls us, from welcoming abundance in all forms into our lives. If we fear feelings and limit uncomfortable ones, we also limit our capacity to receive and hold more joy, more love, more money, or whatever else we desire.

As I explained in the Masterclass yesterday, learning to be with our feelings, understanding the intelligence in our reactions, building resilience of our nervous system, remembering our bodies as the safe inner home without criticism or judgment are key to co-creating lives we actually want to live and don’t need to escape from.

We owe it to ourselves. We owe it to our children. We owe it to everyone who comes in contact with us. As we heal our wounds and allow ourselves to live fulfilling lives, we help others do the same.

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