This is Thriving, I’m Done with Surviving

Unlearning July 19 2023, Galina Singer

Although my life has changed dramatically in the last several years, not much has changed on the outside.

I still live in the same town, married to the same person.

Oh I’ve wanted to run away from both.
Change the guy.
Change the town.
Anything to make myself feel better.

I did change some ingredients in my life. Mostly it has to do with how I spend my time, what I focus my attention on, where I channel my energy, what thoughts I choose to entertain. I also spend a lot of time nurturing my inner child, understanding and healing her wounds.

Is my relationship perfect? No.
But it was never supposed to be!
I just did not know that.
I expected happily ever after.

The problem is I expected the happily ever after to be delivered from outside.

So what changed?

I’ve expanded my idea of who I am, why I’m here, and what is possible for me.

I’ve also revised my understanding of love and where it comes from.

I’ve concluded that my happiness is my own responsibility and that it depends only partially on what is going on outside.

Most significantly, I’ve upgraded my relationship with myself.

As I become more patient, more forgiving, and more accepting of all that I am – as I am increasingly more Safe to Be Me – I discover that I have less of a need to change anyone or anything else to make myself feel well.

As I cultivate my personal happiness, I have more of it to bring into my relationships and into my life.

As I focus on my wellbeing, nurture my needs, pursue my passions, attend to my purpose, I become a more fulfilled person, a more present mother, and a more generous partner.

This is thriving.
I’m done with surviving.

How about you? Do you find yourself more in surviving or thriving?