“If you bring forth what is within you,
What you bring forth will save you.
If you do not bring forth what is within you,
What you do not bring forth will destroy you.”
~ The Gospel of Thomas


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  • Let’s normalize the full range of human behavior

    At 55 I still allow myself to dream! The way I live my life now it seems strange to even focus on my age and dreaming, like it’s something exceptional or out of the norm. I now spend a great majority of my time dreaming, setting intentions about all the things that I still want […]

  • Being Safe to Be Me starts with self-compassion

    Most of the people whom I have confronted about the pain I felt they’ve caused me, were either in denial of the event or its impact (my parents) or perceived it as something completely different (my partner, friends). I learned that in most cases what caused me the pain was my own interpretation of events […]

  • Without self-compassion, there can be no healing

    Our craving to be loved is often confused with our capacity to love. The greater is our need to be loved, the more it reveals that we are still fearful, anxious, and dependent on others. Viewing others as love deliverers dehumanizes them. We are not really taking them in or seeing them for a sovereign […]

  • Learning to love people just as they are, not as we wish they were

    To remain disempowered is a choice. Everything we do is a choice: conscious or unconscious. To change requires daring. It demands an enormous focus of energy. Commitment to wanting to feel better. Dedication to self-responsibility. Belief – that there’s more to life. That there’s more to life than misery. That we are born for more […]

  • Perfectionism: a badge of honor or a trap?

    Learning to wear a mask is a lesson we learn pretty early in life. We learn that our core feelings cannot be expressed if they do not conform to the standards of acceptable behavior in the culture where we grew up. The message we get: I must find a way to be someone else. Someone […]

  • Safe to be me means all of you is welcome

    The more I observe the antics of my own mind, the more I see how much suffering can be avoided. We seriously don’t even have to do much of anything to make the world a place that feels better – we just need to get over ourselves and learn to live with our own circus […]

  • The sense of abundance changed my life

    The work I promote—the work of freeing our love supply by identifying and removing inner barriers—is centered around reconnecting to ourselves through somatic exercises. For as long as we are disconnected from our bodies, the idea of love as residing within remains abstract and we will continue to be looking to fill the inner void […]

  • There isn’t a single formula for life

    Integrity means wholeness. Whenever we are out of integrity by not keeping our promises to ourselves (or others), we create an energy leak. It means that our attention, through feelings of guilt, remorse or rationalization, is now dispersed away from our goals and dreams. The reverse is also true: whenever we keep our word to […]

  • Our relationships are here to help wake us up to who we are.

    I believe that relationships act as our mirrors, reflecting some parts of ourselves that we have lost connection to. Some people come into our lives specifically to ignite our process of self-remembering. For that reason, I believe that we need many different relationships, as every new person brings to our awareness a new dimension of […]

  • "Just read your article, Love from Another is Unsustainable, in Elephant Journal. Wish this was taught in high school, it’s what I’ve tried telling people for years. But you said it so very clearly. Thanks for your work."

    - Mel S

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  • "Galina’s words have resonated with me since the first time I found her writings. I feel that she is a beautiful soul that has a lot of wisdom and insight to share."

    - Dawn L

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  • "First as a reader only and after as a client, I felt Galina is real and raw about her struggles, her healing and her growth. By allowing us to see her brave practices of authenticity, vulnerability and self-responsibility, she reveals her strength and inspires us to stay true to ourselves, while paving our own path to inner fulfillment"

    - Eroica van Langen

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  • "Galina, I must tell you I had tears running down my face while editing your article. Your writing really does cut to the heart of womanhood and motherhood."

    - Khara-Jade Warren

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  • "Galina is an extremely articulate speaker who courageously brings a wealth of personal life experience to the stage. Speaking from her own lived experience she creates rapport and engagement with the audience while providing valuable life lessons in carving our own path."

    - Miroslav Petrovic, Embodied Speaking Training

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  • "Interviewing Galina is an exploration of themes that we struggle to put words to. Her compassionate approach to life and relationships is expressed succinctly through a deep expertise, born of personal and professional experience. It has been my pleasure to connect my community with Galina’s wise words."

    - Monika Carless, Author, Intuitive Coach, Spiritual Midwife

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  • "Galina’s voice is strikingly unique, particularly in the feminist space. Her words carry the weight of deep self-enquiry and hard-won truth. She offers the reader a bracingly fresh perspective on relationships, femininity, empowerment, and self-responsibility. The revelations she unearths are often profoundly uncomfortable in their clarity but strangely comforting to finally hear spoken out loud. She cuts right through our layers of conditioning to the heart of the female experience."

    - Khara-Jade Warren, Editor