The sense of abundance changed my life

Weekly Journal October 25 2021, Galina Singer

The work I promote—the work of freeing our love supply by identifying and removing inner barriers—is centered around reconnecting to ourselves through somatic exercises.

For as long as we are disconnected from our bodies, the idea of love as residing within remains abstract and we will continue to be looking to fill the inner void from outside.

I used to do that. And you know what? Nothing was ever enough! Not sustainably.

Since I’ve reconnected to my essence, I actually need very little from outside.

The first thing to go was rampant consumerism. I simply stopped needing stuff. Lost interest – practically overnight. I have completely reorganized how I spend my time and what I devote my energy to.

Self-sourcing love is empowering. The resulting sense of abundance changed my life.

I can now share myself vulnerably and give love generously through an open heart without fear. I already have what I need – so no matter how anyone will react to me, they cannot take anything away: I am self-sourced.

We have experiences that carry emotional memories which shape us.

These emotions are a result of both the fact that the experience happened, what it meant, and what happened following the experience.

Any meaning attached to the emotion gets lodged in our story and forms our karma: the beliefs that we carry about why things happen to us – good and bad.

The karma we carry then runs our lives.

We change our karma when we change our beliefs about why things happened the way they did.

Essentially, changing karma means re-writing our story.

That is what happens when we seek and hold on to safety on the outside.

If safety is found in a person, in money in the bank, in a tall gate around the house, then we’ll hold on to those, afraid to let go.

When we understand the embodied wisdom of safety from within, it becomes our anchor. Anything can change on the outside – but our sense of safety will remain.

No one can take away our inner safety, our dignity, our reliance on our inner power.

When we are connected to that inner safety, we are able to disrupt the karmic patterns and bring evolutionary change.

It is the disconnect from our essence that has us betraying ourselves by holding on to obsolete patterns that no longer serve us.

Until recently, committed relationships—particularly marriage—served as instruments of tradition and perpetuated conservative family and societal values.

Driven by fear of survival and scarcity we chose attachment over authenticity, suppressing our true nature in order to belong.

Whereas before we sought to be completed, seeking from the external other what we felt was missing within, we are now invited to bring those qualities out in ourselves.

Today, as we are going through a profound reevaluation of values individually and collectively, the way we do relationships is also undergoing evolutionary pressure.

Whereas before we sought to be completed, seeking from the external other what we felt was missing within, we are now invited to bring those qualities out in ourselves.

Karma has to do with our beliefs about life, people, and things that happen to us.

These beliefs get triggered by events in our lives, causing us to react to the same patterns in the same old ways.

Since we often run on autopilot, we live through our beliefs from the past. In this predicament, change is difficult to make happen.

But even when our conscious awareness level expands enough to notice the patterns and the shift in understanding occurs to allow change, without the accompanying somatic work to break down the associated emotions to the manageable sensations, we will continue the past cycle.

We will still feel unable to move on and will not know why. That’s the difference between intellectual understanding and embodied knowing.

Unconscious energy runs usually because we are not aware of it.

So we make decisions or become addicted – it feels out of our control.

That is fate: we have no control.
Fate is fixed: there’s no other way. Like a machine, we keep on churning the same thing.

To have a free choice we need consciousness.

Trauma freezes us. It affects our choices.

The cycle of the past repeats itself until it comes to our awareness – becomes conscious.

Ability to move from freeze to flow – we come out of fate and into conscious informed choice.

If we want to live up to our potential, we need to heal trauma and make our unconscious conscious.

Relationships as mirrors

Our relationships are a reflection of our relationship with ourselves.

They mirror to us things we love about ourselves and the qualities we don’t.

Whatever we haven’t accepted, forgiven, allowed in ourselves we’ll be projecting onto our partner.

So whatever we wish for our partners change in them, is actually what we don’t accept in ourselves.

And since most of us live from masks and have repressed parts of who we are, the relationships we form lack depth and intimacy.

So that longing for deeper connection remains.

The key is to remember ourselves to wholeness.

The relationship with ourselves sets the tone for all aspects of our lives: relationships, finances, sense of purpose.

When we decide we are ready to step into self-responsibility – it actually means we need to agree to start doing things differently.

No change can occur if we do the same thing as always.

How have I changed since I had my six sessions with Galina?

I have changed in so many aspects that it is difficult for me to put them into words.
The most significant aspect is the change in my assertiveness and in expressing myself.
I used to be a spectator of my life: my energy turns inwards and sometimes can be taken as
a sign of passivity. Which for sure some times in the past happened. To be drowned was
easier than taking steps or my responsibilities. I would blame myself afterward, for not
having the courage to manifest my thoughts or opinions.

Now I take responsibility, I can express in a nonviolent way my meanings and most
importantly, I am an observer of myself and my process.

In the past I would just swim into my emotions, I would feel wrong for feeling in that or this
way, I would feel like I don’t belong and wouldn’t feel understood.

Through Galina’s coaching to reparent myself, of being my own authority, once I have a low
moment, it takes very little effort to recognize the pattern, to see where it comes from and my
response to it. I learned to not judge it and to feel without being lost in it.

In my relationships with others, I can be really present and manifest in my authenticity. I
don’t feel anymore like I need to play a part in order to be accepted: my conversations with
my friends have become deeper, a stronger connection has developed, I can feel and create
a safe space with them and manifesting as I am. In the past I was the listener, now I am
actively participating in the conversation. Some friendships have grown stronger and some
new connections have been created.

Once I discovered my true nature, it became impossible to stand in situations or
environments where my values are not met: in the past I would stay and swallow bad
feelings until my body would become ill. Now I can proudly set my boundaries and not see
them as being selfish.

I wish all of us could experience being our own most important authority, and I will gladly
recommend Galina for those who are ready to start the process and welcome magic in



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