Valentina C.

January 11 2023, Galina Singer

Since I had my six sessions with Galina, I have changed in so many aspects that it is difficult to put them into words.
The most significant change is that I became more assertive in expressing myself.
Through Galina’s coaching to reparent myself, of being my own authority, now I take responsibility, I can express in a nonviolent way, and be really present in my relationships with others. I feel safe to be me, and my connections are deeper.
Once I discovered my true nature, it became impossible to stay in situations or environments where my values are not met: in the past I would stay and swallow bad feelings until my body would become ill. Now I can proudly set my boundaries and not see them as being selfish.
I wish all of us could experience being our own most important authority, and I will gladly recommend Galina for those who are ready to start the process and to welcome magic in life.