How your Nervous System Shapes your Reality.

Happiness May 26 2023, Galina Singer

Our nervous system plays a key part in shaping our perception of reality.

More specifically, it affects our thoughts and beliefs about ourselves and others.

Our thoughts and beliefs create our feelings, which then determine our behavior and actions.

Our behavior and actions – steps we take or choose not to take – impact our results.

Our results reinforce our thoughts and feelings. And the cycle continues.

That is why sustainable change begins with disrupting our habitual way of operating – from thoughts to actions – and not from trying to manipulate others to change.

This, of course, is clearly observable in our relationships. Our relationships awaken our attachment wounds, which are recorded in our nervous system, and affect our thoughts and attitudes when interacting with others.

That is why our experience of relationships is a direct result of what is happening in our body.

Most relationship advice focuses on influencing other people to change their behavior so we feel more loved.

What I offer is taking radical responsibility for your wellbeing through befriending your body and learning its language.

Your reality is experienced and created by you.

I’m inspired to offer a Free Masterclass on the subject:

and 3 solutions to Break the Cycle

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PS: My online program Safe to Be Me leans heavily on understanding the connection between mind, body and spirit. I offer tools that are at the cutting edge of personal development and transformation, such as somatic healing combined with mindset shifts and ancient spiritual principles. The work I live by and promote is founded on self-responsibility as the stepping stone toward sustainable wellbeing – for ourselves and everyone who enters our life.

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