This is the Most Important Decision we Make.

Healing May 30 2023, Galina Singer

“All I read is a little girl delusionally convincing herself that mummy cares and loves her even though the reality has not equated to that.”

I received this comment from a reader in response to my latest article where I share my experience of spending some time with my mother recently.

I want to respond with a quote sometimes attributed to Albert Einstein: “The most important decision we make is whether we believe we live in a hostile or friendly universe.”

And this sums up how we interact with life and with people we relate to: Are you open to receive love that is always available, or will you choose to vigilantly collect all the reasons why you are not loved?

Ultimately it has a lot to do with feeling deserving to receive.

Remaining open to life, to love goes against the way we were raised. Habitually identifying with our wounds, we have to unlearn all we know about love and rewire our whole system.

Closure first happens in the mind through interpretation. The way we interpret any situation is dictated by our thoughts and beliefs. And those are determined by the state of our nervous system.

A dysregulated nervous system will keep us in a state of perceiving threat in everything and will shut us down.

When we cultivate practice of remaining open via finding safety within, we can start seeing a gift of love in everything.

So, where would you rather live: in a friendly or hostile universe? What would you rather be “delusional” about: that you are cared for and loved or the contrary?

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