From Living by other people’s Rules to Becoming your own Highest Authority

Personal Transformation May 26 2021, Galina Singer

I took a few weeks from posting my weekly videos to catch my breath, to take some time to feel into the changes that I’m experiencing.

I enjoy observing how my personal journey mirrors what is happening in the collective.

How my personal transformation is a journey of breaking out of living from outside rules, limitations, validation and other people’s opinion of me – to becoming my own highest authority led by my own inner knowing, stepping into the safety and power of authentic self-expression – the safety to be me.

I see that we are all collectively being invited to undertake this journey now.

The rules – as well as judgment and shame – imposed on us by society and fully internalized by us – no longer serve us. They keep us small, in suffering from the disconnect from our true nature.

I feel called now to step into the leadership role. Something that I resisted all of my life because it felt unsafe. But now I understand that my message and the gifts with which nature endowed me – are much greater than me. I am invited to bring them in service to others in a more strategic and organized way.

More details to come.

Thank you for being here and witnessing my journey.