“If you bring forth what is within you,
What you bring forth will save you.
If you do not bring forth what is within you,
What you do not bring forth will destroy you.”
~ The Gospel of Thomas


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  • The awkwardness of being me

    With all the processing I’ve done in the last years, all the effort to leave the smaller, the familiar version of me behind, she is still there. She is still my default setting: my inner child. My experience of me as a child, my somatic memory of it is painfully shy and awkward. Did shyness […]

  • The Truth About Happiness

    Thinking that other people can and should make us happy or worthy is actually what keeps us stuck. This illusion that our well-being depends on other people’s behavior is what leads to so much of our unhappiness. This is true for all relationships, including parents and children.

  • You are never too old and it’s never too late!

    As a 54-year old woman, I’m conditioned to spend an enormous amount of energy and money to fight who I am. My age. My aging and less elastic skin. My more rounded body. I’m supposed to compete with my daughters trying to look more like their sister than their mother. I am supposed to worry […]

  • Striving for perfection is a waste of a life

    It took me years of conscious choice to allow myself to consider writing with my feet up as work. Or doing what I love as work. Or make up my own work hours as legitimate. Or take a yoga class in the middle of a workday. Or not packing my every day tightly with sessions, but keeping at least one workday to self-care – which includes catching up on reading, podcasts and spending a good chunk of the day reclining.

  • The love we think we want from others does not come from them

    Self-sourcing love is empowering. Reestablishing the connection with self, we remove the obstacles to the love supply within us. We can then share ourselves vulnerably and give love generously through an open heart and the resulting sense of abundance.

  • Becoming a woman for me has been the process of unlearning to be the good girl.

    Becoming a woman for me has been the process of unlearning to be the good girl. I am forever someone I have to live with. I became a woman. I finally owned all of who I am.

  • Something happened when I married. I lost myself.

    I was raised to believe that love from another will heal my wounds. That my husband will resolve all practical issues and love me better than my father did, like the brother I never had.

  • Safety is an internal state, that is why no amount of money in the bank or amount of guns in a house can make people feel safe.

    In the Old Paradigm we’ve been conditioned to seek safety on the outside: a knight in shining armor, the money in the bank, a gun hidden in a night table, a wall surrounding a property. All of these are necessary for people who feel not only frightened and unable to survive on their own but also expecting the worst from neighbors, family members, life itself.

  • How do you know that your desire is actually yours, when it has been molded and directed throughout our life?

    How do we know that our desire is ours? How do we know that our desire is ours and not conditioned by society? This was a question raised in Esther Perel’s Sessions on Forbidden Conversations. Whether sexual desire or desire for anything else in life, we do not even realize to what extent our wanting […]

  • "Just read your article, Love from Another is Unsustainable, in Elephant Journal. Wish this was taught in high school, it’s what I’ve tried telling people for years. But you said it so very clearly. Thanks for your work."

    - Mel S

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  • "Galina’s words have resonated with me since the first time I found her writings. I feel that she is a beautiful soul that has a lot of wisdom and insight to share."

    - Dawn L

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  • "First as a reader only and after as a client, I felt Galina is real and raw about her struggles, her healing and her growth. By allowing us to see her brave practices of authenticity, vulnerability and self-responsibility, she reveals her strength and inspires us to stay true to ourselves, while paving our own path to inner fulfillment"

    - Eroica van Langen

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  • "Galina, I must tell you I had tears running down my face while editing your article. Your writing really does cut to the heart of womanhood and motherhood."

    - Khara-Jade Warren

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  • "Galina is an extremely articulate speaker who courageously brings a wealth of personal life experience to the stage. Speaking from her own lived experience she creates rapport and engagement with the audience while providing valuable life lessons in carving our own path."

    - Miroslav Petrovic, Embodied Speaking Training

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  • "Interviewing Galina is an exploration of themes that we struggle to put words to. Her compassionate approach to life and relationships is expressed succinctly through a deep expertise, born of personal and professional experience. It has been my pleasure to connect my community with Galina’s wise words."

    - Monika Carless, Author, Intuitive Coach, Spiritual Midwife

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  • "Galina’s voice is strikingly unique, particularly in the feminist space. Her words carry the weight of deep self-enquiry and hard-won truth. She offers the reader a bracingly fresh perspective on relationships, femininity, empowerment, and self-responsibility. The revelations she unearths are often profoundly uncomfortable in their clarity but strangely comforting to finally hear spoken out loud. She cuts right through our layers of conditioning to the heart of the female experience."

    - Khara-Jade Warren, Editor